An angry woman has been caught on camera threatening to kill all the 141 passengers on board a passenger plane.

The woman threatened to murder everyone

A video has shown the shocking moment an enraged passenger promised to kill 141 people on a commercial flight.

In the clip, which, according to Daily Star UK, was recorded on board a Southwest Airlines flight, one can see the disturbing moment a woman loses it after reportedly being caught smoking.

The aggravated accused, sporting sunglasses and a straw hat, screams in the faces of the airline staff.

The video then cuts before we know the outcome.

Captured on Saturday, during a domestic US flight, the footage was posted online and has been met by a barrage of reactions from viewers.

“Typical, self entitled millennial that thinks they get to do whatever they want,” one read.

“Come on lady, It’s only hour long flight. Hope she gets blacklisted for life,” another added.

While another exclaimed: “They ended the video at the best part!”

One comment, posted by Emily Williams, claims the video was captured by her aunt, who was too scared to carry on recording.

A Southwest spokesman said: “Our crew in command of Flight 2943 travelling from Portland on Saturday afternoon safely landed on-time in Sacramento following an in-flight disturbance.

“Our reports from flight attendants indicate a customer violated federal laws by both smoking on board an aircraft and by tampering with a smoke detector in an aircraft restroom.

“Our crew enforced the regulation and that was followed by the passenger outburst.

“The safety of our crew and passengers is our top priority and we take all threats seriously.

“The pilots declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers, and our crew handled the situation on board until the plane landed and local authorities stepped in.

“The flight carried 136 customers and a crew of five.”

Watch the video below:

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