Pastor Mlaka Maliro has stunned many on social media with his attire and ventured into prophetic preaching in sermon at the Enlightened Gathering Church whose leader is Shepherd Bushiri.

The photos of Prophet gone viral yesterday and has pulled mixed reactions on Facebook.

“End of Times… Everyone call himself / herself a prophet…,”  a comment reads on Facebook.

While another comment backed the Musician,

Pardon pliz he is not a prophet , he is a pastor . search clearly !!”

Some Facebook users  were after Mlaka’s attire..

Awa ndiye abwera ndiyawo style yobvala zimasuti zamaluwa maluwa ? Tchaiiii” comment reads .

However, some comments condemned Malawians with tendency of not appreciating others.

“Amalawi tiphunzire kuyamikirana taziyang’ane wekha wavalazo ndiye ndi zabwino kkkkkkk zochezatu ……………/!”


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