Six people have died in Lilongwe due to flooding and over 1,000 others have been left homeless with 202 households in dire need of emergency relief assistance.

Over 1,000 people have been left homeless after being displaced by flooding in Lilongwe and six people have dead.

The six that have dead include four males and two females and affected areas include Kawale, Mchesi, Chipasula, Kaliyeka, Areas 22 and 24.

Flooding hit the areas around 6:30 pm on Saturday and swept the area which is closer to the river banks where lives were was lost, houses destroyed and properties damaged in the process.

The preliminary assessment are indicating that 202 household have been affected and the assessment is still being carried out expressing fears that the number might increase.

The Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima visited the affected areas Sunday morning to assess the situation and made a symbolic relief distribution to the flood victims.

He delivered message of condolence to members of bereaved families from the state president Prof. Peter Muttharika.

Chilima told the people that government will provide coffins, food and other logistical arrangements for those people who have lost their lives.

“We pray that the number does not increase since few more people are still missing and search operations to find them is underway,” the Vice President said.

He assured the flood victims that government would make necessary arranemnets to provide relief items and shelters for the displaced families.

“We have adequate suppliers in our warehouse at DODMA. The items include blankets mattresses pails, buckets maize and plastic plates,” Chilima pointed out.

He Said government would start deploying resources which is at its disposal and partners would join later with various assistance.

The Vice President provided some basic relief items to the flood victims as a start of relief distribution to the affected households.

Malawi Red Cross Society, Lilongwe City Council and DODMA officials are currently underway assessing the situation on the ground and affected households.

The floods hit the area in 2012 but the magnitude of was not as bad as this time around.

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