A 40-year-old man has been granted divorce after he told the court that he wanted out of marriage because his wife of eight years is a drunkard who urinates on herself every time she is drunk.

David Nkandu told a Zambian Mansa Local Court senior magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margaret Sankalimba that his wife, Angela Kunda sometimes does not return home each time she goes to a night club.

The two have two children together since they married in 2008.

Nkandu narrated before the court that they started having problems few months after they started staying together.

the drunkard wife

He said his wife is ever going for drinking sprees and has no time for her family.“My wife is a drunkard who urinates on herself each time she is drunk, “ Nkandu said.

“One day she went to a drinking spee and her friends brought her home, she had urinated and defecated on herself.

My friends and neighbors laugh at me because of my wife’s behavior.”

He said his wife spends nights in night clubs.“My wife has since gotten married to another man who also has paid bride price to her parents,” he said.

He begged the court to grant them divorce because his wife is already staying with another man.

And kunda admitted that she got married to another man because he is capable of providing for her.

Magistrate Zaloumis upheld the claim and granted the couple a free divorce.

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