A Zimbabwean man whose private parts got locked by his ex-girlfriend after breaking up has at last been given an ultimatum period to either make up or face erectile dysfunction for the rest of his life.

the angry ex-girlfriend

According Zimbabwe`s online news platform B-Metro, Alerta Shatayi allegedly used magic powers to lock Morris Nyathi`s pen*s after he embarrassingly dumped her.

It is reported that Shatayi was jealous of her ex`s closeness to his female workmates and that she had for several times complained about it but Nyathi was threatening that he would be forced to leave her and date his workmates.

This however forced Shatayi to seek for immediate solution which was to lock Nyathi`s manhood.

“In July, she drugged me to court to end the relationship and I assumed that our relationship was over and this led me to move on but I was shocked when I realized that my manhood was now dysfunctional when I tried to sleep with my new girlfriend,” Nyathi told B-Metro.

Nyathi further said he had tried to seek help from prophets and even African doctors but he was told its only his ex-girlfriend who could bring his manhood to alive.

When B-Metro contacted the girl Shatayi, she accepted the claims saying that she wanted him to be faithful to her because she suspected him of sleeping around with his workmates.

She added that she is ready to make his manhood function again only if he accepts to take her back or else he would face the problem for life.

“I am not giving him cure because I know he wants to leave me for his girlfriend after he fully recovers. He should come back home and fully commit to me,” she said.

It is established that Nyathi`s manhood does not function when he tries to sleep with other women except from Shatayi.

However, Nyathi is yet to decide whether to take Shatayi back or face his problem forever.


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