President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika sweated when answering a question from a six year old girl on persistent power cuts that have rocked the country causing many businesses to collapse.

Mutharika treated children to a Christmas party at Zomba State Lodge on Friday last week and he gave opportunity to the children to ask questions bothering them.

Silent engulfed the room when a six year old girl stood up and boldly asked Mutharika a question relating to power outages.

“What can we do when we don’t have electricity,” the child queried.

The question took government top officials who escorted the President by surprise and some were seen on state-controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation hiding their face.

As this was not enough, President Mutharika admitted that it was a tough question posed to him.

“That’s a tough one!……I didn’t expect that one …. First of all at the moment we are having a challenge in power generation due to low water levels in the Shire River but we are doing everything possible to deal with the challenge.

“If you have a chance buy candles and paraffin lamps when you don’t have power,” said Mutharika while scratching his head.

Meanwhile Malawians have hailed the child for her question.

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