A Zimbabwean man left people in shock when he was caught pants off with another woman during his wife’s funeral service.

H-Metro reported that the man identified as Luscious Chiturumani was staying in Gweru, Zimbabwe with his now deceased wife Sibongile Mthetwa who died after a short illness.

Since Chiturumani had not fully paid the bride price, it was then decided that the deceased be buried at her parents’ village.

On arrival the deceased’s husband was accompanied by a woman whom he claimed to be his sister and he was accorded full respect as a son-in-law of the family.

While there, the two were given a courtesy room for them to rest as a family and they then retired to bed earlier than other people as visitors. More people were expected to join them in the room but none did and they took advantage of the situation and woke up to some early morning sex.

Chiturumani and the woman getting marched out of his in-laws` premises

Claims are that just before 6am someone smoking outside leaning on the window heard some funny sounds emanating from the room which the two were resting in.

The cigarette man then decided to call others to discover what was happening inside.

Unfortunately the doors had no locks and the two were found busy having sex.

The two were punished for disrespecting the dead, the in-laws and again for deceiving people that the lady was his sister and agreeing to share a room with her.

They were force-marched out of the room and Chiturumani was being slapped and kicked as he made the short walk to a car that was waiting for him in the yard.




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