The mother of a dead woman was accused of being a witch just hours after burying her daughter.

Residents attacked her after discovering that her daughter, Nurse Lekwane, had been dead since September but was only buried on 30 December.

the deceased daughter

Nurse’s mother had to be rushed to hospital when she suffered a stroke after community members tried to set her alight.

 The family from Ekurhuleni, South Africa attributed the delay to lack of funds.

The late woman’s brother, Thabang Lekwane (30), said when Nurse died in September, a woman who claimed to own a funeral parlour said she would assist them with the burial arrangements.

“From time to time the woman came and would ask for money and said it was for her to be able to process things.

“All in all we gave her about R2 000 but she did nothing for us,” said Thabang.

The family later learnt from another undertaker that the woman had taken Nurse to them. The undertaker tracked down the family and threatened to dump the body at the gate if he didn’t receive his money.

The family reached an agreement with the undertaker, who offered to bury Nurse the next day.

After the funeral the community demanded answers from Nurse’s mother. Police had to be called in to calm the situation.

The family said they were disappointed by the community. “We are still mourning the passing of Nurse and this is how they treat us?” said Thabang.

He said the community did not ask why they had kept Nurse for so long. “They just jumped to conclusions,” he said.

The owner of the funeral parlour said the confusion was caused by the woman who acted as a go-between.


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