The dust surrounding rumour that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri once paid a South African woman, Margaret Hlatshwayo to fake miracles fail to settle as prominent preacher has denied the allegations again.

Yesterday, Bushiri took it to his official Facebook to share the allegations after the story resurfaces on Social Media last week.

“This woman has never given any testimony of being healed at our church. No one at my church recalls her or knows her.

In fact, the same story, being used against us today, was first run in the Daily Sun newspaper in 2016 where the same lady was alleging that a church in Joburg, not our church, paid her to fake miracles.

Can you see how the devil is panicking here?

This is just a confirmation that there are people, out there, that are employed to use every means, even outdated and entirely nosensical ones, just to tarnish our image.

Be assured that, as usual, I don’t mind them, after all, some of these media outlets just want to ride on our popularity and get more page likes.

2018 will not be easy for me as I prophesied before but none of my hair will be lost. God who judges according to His righteousness, will hold me up till the very end,” reads the part of his post.

In her claims before, Hlatshwayo said the conscience has been haunting her after doing a thing which was not right to God for faking miracles.

Margaret Hlatshwayo

“My conscience has been pricking me for about 3 months now and I am terrified that God might punish me.

“I was told I could get a job at a church in Pretoria and would be paid R500 the same day. I didn’t know what kind of job it was. I was told I must act in a holy way and pretend I was healed. I had to testify to living a horrible life before.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t resist the R500 money promised. This is because I needed the money to feed my 3 children and I couldn’t turn down the offer so I did what they told me.

“And that was how I began. I lied to people and agreed to everything the pastor asked me. I said I was unemployed but I had recently got a job through God’s power after the pastor prayed for me. I have not had a job for the past 4 years.

“My only job was telling lies recently at church in Pretoria Showground.

“Later, the church stopped paying me on time because it now has a lot of people lying and giving false testimonies for the prophet and then at the end, there is not enough money to pay all of us.

“The pastor kept promising he will pay me. Sometimes, he gives me R300 and at times nothing at all. I am so ashamed,” she quoted saying her side of the story in Daily Sun newspaper in 2016.

Bushiri then also denied the allegations.



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