The Interim leader of newly formed Party, Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD), Dr Cassim Chilumpha has accused ruling party, Democratic Progress Party (DPP) of poor governance which fuels corruption, poverty, regionalism, and unemployment in the country.

Dr. Chilumpha: “Undecided on perks”

According to source, Chilumpha attacked the incumbent leadership for the lenience in combating corruption, investigating the Baker Tilly famous cashgate report, continued racism and nepotism.

Chilumpha has also asked Malawians not to vote even for main Opposition, Malawi congress Party (MCP) into the Democratic Malawi for its common trait to DPP.

“I don’t see any difference between the incumbent DPP and MCP as both have regionalistic mindsets whereas MCP is party for Lilongwe, Dedza and Kasungu,” Chilumpha said.

Malawians are also warned that the spirit of voting for people from diaspora should be stopped citing that they derail citizens development expectations and plans.

Meanwhile, ADD has drafted ten plans which believed to be executed, the cliched problems such as corruption, unemployment,  poverty and regionalism will be over in the country.

Below are details of Ten points plan:

1. Youth and women who comprises 70% of the population now to be given 80% leadership share and job positions and empower them in various aspects

2. The elderly above 70 years, the disabled and the vulnerable to be on payroll

3. University education to be free

4. All corrupt suspects to be tried before competent courts and face justice without favour

5. Agriculture development policies to be reviewed and adopt diversified and sustainable mechanised, irrigated and value adding chain in all produce export commodities

6. Urban structure plans and all development plans to be reviewed and get priority development vote

7. Informal sector to be structured and empowered

8. Government to open up new companies and create job opportunities

9. Decentralisation to be reviewed and accorded with more powers for districts self governing of development programs

10. Leading government positions to be allocated equally in all administrative regions and development to be implemented without political bias, regionalism or race.

Chilumpha’s party launched on January 8, 2018.





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