A 69-year-old man who had been defiling his own 13-year-old daughter for seven months has landed into police custody in Kasungu where he is waiting to answer defilement charges contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

Kasungu police publicist Edna Mzingwiritsa, identified the suspect as Samson Chimango who has been sexually abusing his daughter from July, 2017 until Monday, 22nd January 2018 when he got arrested.

According to Mzingwiritsa, the suspect had been forcing himself on the victim when her mother is away from home and had also been threatening to deal with his daughter if at all she reveals the matter to anyone.

“On new year’s eve, the victim revealed the secret to her mother but she did not take any action. The child then told her aunt who also kept quiet after hearing the matter,” Mzingwiritsa said.

The suspect`s 40th day was on 10th January when the young victim attended prayers at a different church from where her parents worship.

Upon coming back, her mother quizzed her why she had attended a different church and in response, the girl shouted that she wanted God to save her from what her father was doing to her.

Some passerby people heard the young girl`s plea and later reported the matter to authorities around the community that led to the arrest of the 69-year-old suspect.

When the girl was taken to hospital for a test, results revealed she had been sexually abused.

Chimango comes Kankwanda village in the area of traditional authority Dzoole in Dowa district.

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