A seven month old baby, Terry Nyirenda, is in serious pain and requires an immediate liver transplant to survive.

The baby’s only solution to survive is through a liver transplant, but this can only be done outside the country, like in India, as recommended by hospital authorities in the country.

However, family members to Terry are finding it difficult to raise US$40,000(about MK29 million) for his liver transplant.

The mother to Terry, Nicole Masauli Nyirenda said in October last year, doctors diagnosed the baby with Biliary Astraea, a rare, lifelong threatening liver disease in babies where the bile ducts are either blocked or absent.

The mother said the disease therefore, causes the bile to be trapped in the liver which quickly results to liver damage.

Currently, she said there is no possible solution and the only hope is that the baby travels to India and have a liver transplant for him to live longer.

However, since October, she said it has been a hassle for the family to raise the required amount of money, saying only US$10,000 (Mk 7.2 million) of the said amount has been realized so far.

“Seriously, we are in need of assistance from well-wishing Malawians to have our baby rescued from this bondage. The situation is deteriorating day by day and we are always worried as to what would happen next.

“My baby is in real pain despite the fact that he cannot say it by himself. Malawians should find it in their hearts to help us with the US$30,000 (about K22 million) balance,” appealed the mother.

Terry Nyirenda was born with jaundice in June, 2017, according to the mother. Jaundice is a disease where babies look yellowish just after birth.

Meanwhile well-wishers have organized a big walk from Kasungu to Lilongwe from February 1 to February 3, 2018 to raise funds for the boy.

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