Angry mob have panel beaten a 49-year-old man after they caught him sleeping with a married woman in his car.

panel beaten

The incident is said to have happened yesterday, January 29th in Zambia`s capital of Lusaka.

Joseph Mulenga, a businessman was found making love in the evening with a married woman near her place.

face rearranged

According to eye witnesses who reported to a Zambian online news site, Zambianobserver, Mr. Mulenga started having sex with the married woman whose husband is out of the country for business.

disfigured face

The woman who ran into her yard to save her life, left the lover in the car trying to dress up when a mob of youths was busy rearranging his face.


Eye witnesses told Zambianobserver that they did not know the woman by name, but she is from the same area of Kabulenga in Lusaka.


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