Escom Gets Thumbs Up from CAMA over New Loading Shedding Programme

Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has praised the new load shedding programme by Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi stating that the development is a relief to most Malawians as hours of blackouts have been reduced.

Chief Executive Officer for CAMA, John Kapito said the new load shedding programme published by Escom earlier this week gives a hope that Malawians will soon get back to their normal power days.

“This is quite commendable. It means we are slowly going back to normal,” said Kapito.

He however urged Malawians not to relax on the situation by buying more perishable foods as there could be a change in the process.

“But let me caution consumers not to be overexcited and buy a lot of perishables as the situation might turn around.”

Currently, Escom is maintaining a programme of a 14 hour power supply and 10 hour load shedding from the previous 8 hour power supply and 16 hour load shedding.

The generation of power has increased to 205 megawatts from the previous 150 megawatts.



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