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A jealous husband always doubted his wife and never placed trust in her one bit. Every morning before going to work he would come up with weird, creepy ways to verify that she isn’t cheating on him with another man. One of his techniques would involve calling her out from a far off distance over phone asking her to turn on the blender to ensure that she’s at home.


The sound of the blender for some weird reason reinforced the belief in his heart that she is not only at home but also entirely loyal to him. So every morning he would ask her, “My wife, are you at home?”

The wife would immediately call out her response in the affirmative, “Yes love I’m at home.” But the sound of her voice wasn’t enough for him to affirm her presence. So he would ask her to turn on the blender.

And when the wife would turn on the blender he would become entirely assured of her loyalty and completely safe with the knowledge that she won’t ever cheat over his absence. The blender would sound like, ‘rereeerererere’

He never tried to actually go over to her physically and affirm her presence on account of being pressed for time. He HAD to get to office before a certain time or the boss would be angry. This meant that the blender was his only means of verifying her presence.

For the sake of argument if we were to assume for a second that she indeed was cheating on him. Doesn’t she also have access to a blender when she’s at her boyfriend’s home? She can just as easily turn it on and reassure him of her loyalty.

The man probably caught on to the fact that she could be using the blender from her boyfriend’s home. So he decided to go back to his house and test her loyalty in person. His son was at home but his wife wasn’t.

“My son, tell me is mommy home?” “Dad she just went out with another guy on his motorbike. “It makes the sound, “reeerereeeeree.” Turns out his paranoia was not unfounded and she was cheating on him with another guy.

Many objects make the same sound as a blender. That includes motorbikes, tractors and even earthquakes. So if you end up hearing something along the lines of ‘reerree’, it’s not a blender and you should verify first hand about its source.

Although the son reveals his mother’s cheating antics to him, the father is deeply saddened and does not know how to process this latest revelation. Should he file for a divorce or should he sweep it under the rug?

More than half of all marriages in the US end up in divorce. But believe it or not, the main reason for divorces isn’t adultery, but a host of other factors such as satisfaction and engagement of the marriage

Divorce usually requires one of the spouses to provide alimony for the wife. This means part of his weekly paycheck goes into her coffers. But if he can prove that she was cheating on him, he might get to keep it to himself.

The sound of a blender or even a motorbike is probably not enough for him to verify that she indeed had been cheating on him. The man should probably try to find different means of proving her faithlessness.

If he has the extra cash just lying around the house, he should consider hiring a private detective to find concrete evidence that his wife is indeed cheating on him. Once he has that evidence he can present that to the court.

Then there is the issue of child custody. Even if he manages to secure the funds all to himself, there is the added problem of keeping his children under his custody. Courts typically prefer to give mothers full authority over their children.

Perhaps the man should ignore this whole cheating thing and brush it under the rug. It’s too expensive to get a divorce these days and it weighs heavily on their minds and brains. Our advice for him is to swallow the bitter pill.



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