By Orchestra Kamanga

Masautso Sitima the owner of Howa Services (M.F Garage) and Howa Lodge in Bangwe Township, Blantyre has urged government not to be tough and strict when awarding contracts to contractors during the biding process.

He said government is very tough and strict to bidders especially to those who are not educated enough because they fail to fill bidding forms.

“During the past it was easy to work in government departments but not at the moment. I worked in government departments in the past despite having low education such as Gender, Youth sports and culture, NGO’s NIB MHC and Toyota Malawi.

Sitima who is mechanics, panel beater and spray painting specialist observed that it was difficult nowadays to fill forms for bidding because it requires a person to be highly educated not someone with little education standards.

‚ÄėI thanked former Chef Executive Officer for Toyata Malawi, Rosemary Mkandawire for her heart of uplifting the lives of all Malawians despite of having little education,‚ÄĚ he said, adding that he worked for Toyota Malawi for several years.

However he commended government for establishing community Colleges to train the youth in different skills but warned that most of them hold JC which will be difficult to win contracts after completing their studies hence needs to consider considering those with low education.

Masautso Sitima started Howa services (M.F Garage) in 1992 (renting) before moving to his own premises within Bangwe Township in 1999.

He has 4 employees and casual workers shortly he plan to expand the Garage and sourcing the funds and will increase employees to empower the youth economically.

The money he makes in his business helps orphans, sending children to school, and helping the parents.

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