Nigerians have once again proven that witchcraft acts in their movies are real and not just for entertainment sake as a man`s corpse has recently been rejected at a hospital mortuary in the country`s town of Umuchu on allegation that it was causing commotion and uneasiness to the mortuary’s attendants.

the picture has only been used to illustrate the story

The corpse of a deceased man identified as Pa Reuben Okorie was said to be attacking other corpses and causing havoc at the mortuary.

The mortuary attendants who were said to be tired and afraid of controlling the corpse summoned the deceased family to take back the money they had deposited and taken the corpse away from the mortuary.

According to a Nigerian Online news source P.M Express, the deceased died recently and his corpse was deposited at the mortuary.

However, the corpse was said to have disturbed and attacked other corpses deposited there to the amazement of the attendants. It was reported that when Pa Okorie’s corpse started causing the trouble, his family members who were shocked at the development were asked to carry the corpse unprepared which they rejected and went away.

It was learned that they reasoned that if the attendants were unable to control the corpse, then they too will not be able to do so. So they had to return home to engage in some prayers and perform rituals before they will carry it.

People in the community have been wondering what would have been the cause of such a strange thing. Some felt may be the old man was not completely dead or was being kept in the mortuary against his wish while alive.

P.M.Express learnt that the late Pa Okorie was known for his bravery and spiritual powers when he was alive and was dreaded in the community and its environs for decades before he died. He was said to have led several communal wars and had procured so many charms in those days which he used to execute those wars and won.

According to the residents, after the communal wars the charms he had procured could not be reversed and had started affecting his family to the extent that 13 of his children had died before him. The residents narrated that his houses were said to have been deserted by the few surviving children for several years because of the strange deaths and happenings in the family.

People in the community were of opinion that it could be the effect of the charms that caused the trouble at the mortuary or he may have warned that he should be not taken to the mortuary when he dies.


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