Information sourced by faceofmalawi indicates that a two year old boy is reported dead in the capital Lilongwe after drowning in a Septic tank.

The boy met his fate on Sunday as he was playing with his friend of the same age around the septic tank in Area 47.

The fact of the matter is that, the septic tank got damaged on one end due to heavy rains and was covered with plywood.

The boy is said to have unknowingly stepped on the plywood and he ended up falling into the septic tank.

“Nde kanzake kaja kanangokhala pompo kumadikila…kenako atabwela alonda kanzake kaja kukawakoka mkumakaloza.

“Alonda aja posuzumila apeza mwana akuyandama poitana anthu kukapititsa kuchipatala anali wamwalira kalekale,” an eyewitness told this publication.

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