A 22-year-old man in Rumphi will spend the next 14 years in prison for being found guilty for an offence of armed robbery contrary to section 301 of the penal code.

Kingsley Kondowe is reportedly to have committed the offence in 2014. In that year, Kondowe shot a Dutch National identified as Eddie Peter on the chest and also assaulted his wife before he went away with 5000 US$ and K200, 000, Canon camera, an iPod and a flashlight all worth K8 million.

After that, he fled to Lilongwe but after four years he was arrested and identified by Peter`s wife, Carmen Geurtjens.

Appearing in court, the police prosecutor said the couple had wasted a lot of money to go back to their homeland to seek better medical attention due to the wound caused by the shooting.

The prosecutor also added that Kondowe deserved a stiff punishment since the stolen items were of more value and they were not recovered.

Magistrate Cuthbert Phiri of First Grade Magistrate Court in Rumphi agreed with the prosecution officer and sentenced Kondowe to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour as an act to deter would be offenders.

The convict hails Bogolo village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwamlowe in Rumphi.



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