Malawi Congress Party (MCP) top official Muhammad Sidik Mia has come out of his cocoon to trash social media reports alleging that he has sealed a MK30 million deal with veteran musician Joseph Nkasa to start composing pro-MCP songs.

Yesterday the social media was awashed with reports that Mia held a secret meeting with pro-DPP music star Joseph Nkasa where they discussed a number of issues one of it being for the artist to change his goal post and start praising MCP.

According to information at hand, Nkasa agreed to the deal upon receiving MK30 million from Mia.

Writing on his official facebook page Mia trashed the reports, saying its fake news aimed at tarnishing his image.

“That Musician Joseph Nkasa made a courtesy visit at my office yesterday is true.

“However, that Nkasa signed a 30 million kwacha deal to start singing pro MCP songs as some news outlets on the social media are reporting, is outright FAKE news,” wrote Mia.

He added: “We all know Nkasa. He is way above the age of majority and I think he is guided by his conscious to do what he thinks is right. Whether his conscious will lead him to release pro MCP songs is his personal choice and I have nothing to do with that except respecting his choice.

“However, what is misleading and fallacious is to assume that his visiting my office means we were signing a multi-million kwacha deal. It is simply cheap propaganda which you, my revered followers on this page, must ignore.”

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