Following the increase hit of floods in some parts in Malawi, some people have brought in ideas on how to fight this challenge.

A comment from Levi Chirwa on the released article by the Department of DisasterManagement and Affairs concerning the floods in the country has something to contribute towards the huge flooding.

Chirwa said “All these flat lakeshore areas need dykes and/or drainage systems to direct flood water into nearby streams/rivers that lead to the lake. Roads with no proper drainage normally direct rain water into village areas that are along the road”

Recently, floods that hit Salima district have affected 105 households, 27 families displaced.

A report released by the Phalombe District Council indicates that 290 households have been affected by floods that hit most parts of T/A Kaduya in Phalombe District on Friday, 9th February.

The report, dated February 11th, 2017, further points out that out of the 290 affected families, 68 have been rendered homeless and are being accommodated at Phaloni Primary School, where the District Council has set a camp.

Recently, the government through World Bank constructed a K298million Dyke in Nsanje district.




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