People from different corners of Malawi have expressed concern towards the absenteeism of some Members of Parliament in the National Assembly.

Parliament was opened last week for Members of Parliament to evaluate the expenditure of the budget that was approved last year in July.

Despite this move being of importance to all Malawians; some MP’s who represents people in the parliament are abstaining their presents in the Assembly in Lilongwe.

Research done by Faceofmalawi has shown that some MP’s does not concerned with the welfare of the people that they are representing in the Assembly. Many of them concentrate on their private businesses.

Many people through the Blantyre Synod Radio’s program ‘Kambani a Malawi’ have suggested the government to put stiff measures like paying them allowances after they finish discussions.

While others on the same radio program have outlined that it will still be difficult for them to get paid their allowances after the discussions because they are policy makers and that cannot accept this to happen to them.

However, Members of Parliament have been asked to be responsible to their duties.

This week Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe will present the expenditure of the budget in the National Assembly.

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