Other countries and continents have hurricanes and other as natural disasters. They come and go.

Africa may seem to be spared. But our Natural Disasters don’t come and go. They are there forever.
Africa’s Natural Disasters are our Presidents. Almost all African presidents have to be forced to handover power. Why? Akuopa kuti zomwe adaononga zifukuka.(They fear to be dispossession off there wrong deeds)

They are perpetrators of corruption. How they award contracts, spend much on insignificant projects and stuff. They initiate projects just to create a funnel of directing funds into their pockets at the other end.
They get loans from international bodies and use for personal projects at the expense of the poor. A child to be born in 10 years coming will find a loan to repay yet 75% of the amount was shared among politicians.
They employ aganyu omwe amawapaka mafuta (ignorant people) to defend their clear mistakes. They abuse power.
They don’t mind making everyone suffer as long as a few people who make noise on their behalf are happy.
They are untouchable, they are gods. No matter what they do they can only be answerable after 10 years.
Our presidents are a natural disaster. Africa is not spared from natural disasters. They are more than hurricanes. Opinion by MC Elias Yairo from Social Media.

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