Business mogul and politician Mohammad Sidik Mia of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of conniving with armed thugs who raided Brown Mpinganjira’s house to implicate him.

Police on Friday arrested three armed thugs who allegedly ransacked Mpinganjira’s house in Chigumura Township in the commercial capital Blantyre.

The three were identified as Frank Banda aged 21 from Mponda Village in the area of traditional authority Chiwaya in Balaka district, Frank Zakaliya aged 20 from Namalenga village in the area of traditional authority Juma in Mulanje district and Lyton Nkumba, 30, from Nameta village in the area of traditional authority Chimaliro in Thyolo district.

During questioning, the three confessed to have been sent by Muhammad Sidik Mia of Nsanje.

But Mia has quashed the claims, accusing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of conniving with the armed thugs to have him arrested.

“Just like everyone else, I learnt through the media that robbers broke into the house of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party Politician, Mr Brown James Mpinganjira, where they stole property.

“I have been told that our law enforcers have apprehended the thugs and guess what, a preliminary report from the Police is implicating yours truly. They say the suspects have told them (Police) that they were sent by me to rob Mr Mpinganjira,” wrote Mia.

He added: “My fellow Malawians, I wish to let you know that this is just a deliberate ploy to stop us politically but I assure you that they will not succeed just like darkness cannot prevail over light. I am peaceful and I have never been a violent person.

“On the contrary, we all know how dirty minded these people can be. Who was behind the mysterious fire that gutted Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse which was keeping those disputed ballots between Bently Namasasu and Ulemu Msungama? Did they succeed in suppressing the truth?

“Today, the same guys are promoting hate speech on MBC in order to plunge this country into chaos but I assure you; God loves our country and they will not succeed, just like how they will not succeed in tarnishing our image.”

Mia has since appealed to all Malawians to practice clean politics.

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