Police in Lilongwe have released Nicholas Dausi Jnr, a son to Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi and his friends after they were arrested on Friday for causing a scene at Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church in Lilongwe which is owned by the Flamboyant Prophet Bushiri.

Nicholas Dausi

Dausi jnr and his friends, using a ministry of information vehicle followed a woman who was on her way to the church where afterwards they caused a scene.

It is reported that the men had in possession of a gun which they used to threaten people with at the church before they were pepper sprayed and apprehended by the guards.

the car they used

However, police have disclosed that they are not sure if the man was really a son to Malawi`s Minister of Information.

Deputy National Police Publicist Thomeck Nyaude, confirmed the arrest of a person with the name Nicholas Dausi Junior but said as police, they were not sure if he is related to the minister.

Nyaude further said that the man Dausi Junior and his friends have since been questioned and released because they did not find any case for them to answer.


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