Minister of information, honorable Nicholas Dausi is underpanic to provide possible answers to Members of Parliament in the National Assembly over the simcard registration exercise that is currently in progress in Malawi.

Members of Parliament are today firing questions to the Minister of Information about what will happen to service users who are in typical villages where there is no offices of service providers. The MP’s want to know through the ministry of information if there could be special way of simcard registration to people who are in the remote areas.

But the responses from honourable Dausi in the Assembly seem to be lacking full information about the ongoing simcard registration process.  At one point in the Assembly; Dausi is quoted “Let me first consult Macra and then I come back to you but the simcard registration is very important”.

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) gave order to every person with a mobile phone number to register the simcard to the service provider.  Since MACRA’s directive many people are on queues to register their simcards.

Though the simcard registration process in progress, many people have expressed different views complaining about the process.

MACRA has since set the 31st March 2018 for everyone to have its simcard registered.

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