A 42-year-old Zimbabwean wife has reportedly divorced her husband over his use of traditional sex enhancing drugs that transformed him into being a sex addict.

Farai Mutandavare appeared before magistrate court in Harare after she had launched a complaint against her husband Fatty Makumbe 59 whom she accuse of demanding sex every day that usually leaves her privates bruised.

She complained that the major problem with her husband is that he loves to drink traditional sex enhancing drugs and when he takes the herbs, in bed he would be like someone possessed. She said even when she complained that she was tired and was not in the mood he would force him on her.

In response, her husband who admitted to having a huge appetite for sex reportedly told the court that his wife was the source of their marital problems as she was giving him conditions on when to make love.

“She is the one giving me conditions on when to make love. Whenever I tried to force myself on her she would repeatedly squeeze my balls and manhood resulting in me being turned off. I don’t know the source of my intense sexual urges. They would come out of nowhere and completely engulf me. Despite our differences I still love her and didn’t want our marriage dissolved, he pleaded.

The tearful wife however, insisted on divorce saying she could not cope with her husband’s appetite for sex.

Passing the judgment, Chief Magistrate Nemangwe granted a divorce and ordered both parties to share their properties equally.


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