By Robert Kumweda

President for Umodzi Party Professor John Chisi has accused the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for sidelining intelligent people in the party.

Recently, the party fired its Publicity Secretary Dr Jessie Kabwila from the party and suspended its Vice President of the party Richard Msowoya alongside four other top officials from the party for questioning the leadership on how it handles other affairs of the party.

He was speaking Tuesday at a political rally he addressed at Misesa in Blantyre City South East Constituency.

“Those who question or oppose the leadership over the way it is handling other affairs of the party are not wanted from the party but the country needs people who have expertise in different fields for it to develop,” he said.

Chisi said as a country we do not love each other that is the reason why other people are suffering saying that once voted into power they create a ministry for industrialization that will specifically focus on manufacturing for the country to manufacture and sell more goods.

The Umodzi Party leader said MCP was created to fight colonialism which they did and the United Democratic Front (UDF) was created to bring democracy which they did and now it is the time for Malawians to decide on what king of Malawi they want looking at the challenges the country has gone through.

“We have suffered for so long and now it is the time for us to think wisely, perpetrators of various atrocities will be rearrested if their cases are not concluded within six months until they are proved to be innocent by the courts.

Meanwhile, Chisi has embarked o a number of projects in Blantyre City South East Constituency like construction of bridges, empowering women and the youth just to mention a few.

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