By: Grecium Gama Phalombe

Phalombe District Commissioner (DC), Gossam Mafuta, has cautioned Police officers in the district to spend their resources wisely so that well-wishers should be inspired to support them.

Mafuta made the remarks during Stakeholders meeting on security where the authorities were discussing solutions for curbing insecurity problems in the district.

“My fellow officers from the Police remember to spend the available resources from monthly government funding carefully so that people of the good will should be encouraged and convinced to support you with other essential resources”, Said Mafuta.

The DC’s remarks came out after some business men and Non-governmental Organizations complained that they have had been seeing some of the officers selling resources which they donate to help in tightening security in the district.

Chairperson for Phalombe Business People Association, Dyson Mkovole, said they are most times discouraged to donate the resources when they look at how the officers abuse the resources.

“We have been assisting them with different things such as fuel , bicycles, motor vehicle tyres and other likes but we get worried most times as we see some of the Police officers vending the same resources to some of us,” complained Mkovole.

Mkovole then added by assuring the Police that they are willing to support them of anything which they can manage to.

Meanwhile Phalombe Police Public Relations Officer, Innocent Moses, has assured the business people and well-wishers that the Police will take care anything which they want to donate. “I am appealing to everyone who may wish to contribute anything that the Police will protect them and ensure that they are used for the intended purposes,” Moses said.

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