Melania Trump took a bit of a tumble on Monday, with the First Lady losing her balance as she prepared to board Marine One on the White House lawn.

She was able to avoid a catastrophic face plant however thanks to the helping hand of one special man, her husband, President Donald Trump.

He already had his arm around Melania when she tripped, and afterwards the couple were both seen holding one another as they boarded the helicopter.

It was one of the rare times the two have displayed public affection over the past few months.

The First Lady made her displeasure for her husband or PDA very clear last May during a trip overseas.

Video of President Trump touching down in Tel Aviv showed the First Lady very clearly slapping at her husband when he tried to hold her hand at Ben Gurion Airport.

Melania was walking a half-step behind her husband at the time and managed to rebuff his advance without showing any clear emotion or breaking her stride, while the commander-in-chief responded by using the rejected hand to carefully adjust his tie.

It was unclear if this unexpected resistance was the result of any personal turmoil, or simply because of the carpet’s narrow size.
This slapping move then started popping up every few months.

Melania has been showing her face far more in recent months, assuming a more active role in her duties as First Lady.

She has also found herself embroiled in controversy however over her husband’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and questions about how she became an American citizen.

PresidentTrump announced on August 9, 2016 at a campaign rally in North Carolina that a press conference would be held in the coming weekend to discuss how his third wife Melania Knaus became an American citizen.

Source: Dailymail

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