As many African people in high offices refuse to associate with commoners by sharing same public resources, Norwegian ambassador to Malawi Kikkan Haugen has done contrary as he recently attended an official meeting in Blantyre using a public train.

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Mr. Haugen enjoying the ride

Regardless of his VIP status, Mr. Haugen used a Central East Africa Railway (CEAR) train to attend an early meeting in Blantyre on Tuesday.

The picture of Mr. Haugen in the train has received so much positive reaction with a lot of people calling upon Malawian government to invest much in railway transport.

Most developed countries rely more in railway transport unlike Malawi which relies in road transport despite our roads network being poor.

Central East African Railways (CEAR) runs a twice weekly service from Limbe to Balaka and onwards to the Mozambican border and all the way to Nampula.

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