No underwear star Zodwa Wabantu hits back at critics: ‘I can’t change my face’


South Africa’s semi-nude dancer Zodwa Wabantu has come out of her cocoon to trash those people attacking her face.

It is reported that many people have been mocking her through her official facebook account and other platforms describing her as an ugly woman.

In a YouTube video Zodwa has urged those people who are against her face to stop deeming her, saying nothing will change.

“Hello. This is Zodwa Wabantu. Your Zodwa. [If you don’t like me] Listen, don’t type ugly, just say I don’t like her. You know. I understand if you don’t like me. But if you say, ugly, I can’t change my face. What must I do? Must I sell my face? Which you all won’t buy because you don’t want it. What must I do? This is my face.”

The birthday suit dancer was recently deported in Zambia.

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Robert Ngwira
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