As part of strengthening the party ahead of the 2019 general election, Umodzi Party (UP) on Saturday held its second interface meeting with the youths in the commercial capital Blantyre.

The meeting took place at Blantyre International University (BIU) in Naperi and the meeting attracted over one hundred youths from all Townships in the City. Some of the youths were students from BIU.

During the meeting UP Public Relations Officer Pemphero Mphande took his time to articulate the party manifesto.

One of the major highlights was the construction of three factories in each district thereby creating 84, 000 jobs. This point attracted mixed reaction from the youths with many questioning the PR as to how this will be done considering the fact that 80 percent of the country’s budget comes from donors.

Mphande also took advantage of the meeting to urge the youths who gathered at BIU hall to vote for Umodzi Party (UP) under Professor John Chisi.
He said the party has lined up a number of development projects aimed at uplifting the lives of Malawians especially the youths.

Speaking in an interview with the press after the meeting BIU Umodzi Party wing Charlady Wangisa Ntiza said the meeting is an eye opener to them.
She said during her term of office she will do whatever she can to support her fellow youths.

On his part Umodzi Party Youth Director Ernest Nkwanda expressed gratitude with the number of youths who attended the meeting.

Nkwanda urged the youth to take the leading role in bringing change in the country.

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