The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) District Campaign Director for Mangochi Wellington Mangulenje has resigned from his position over remarks made by the party’s regional governor attacking Muslims.

It is alleged that DPP governor for Eastern Region said that voting for Muslims into power in 2019 elections will be more like voting for war in our country, indirectly referring to business tycoon Muhammad Sidik Mia who is vying for the post of vice Presidency in Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The remarks did not go down well with Mangulenje who expressed shock over the matter.

“Mr Regional Governor Sir, to begin with let me place on record my feelings and sorrow and deep regret about the statement which you made at a Political rally in Makanjira in our District of Mangochi about attacking the Muslims in the country that if voted into power in 2019 elections will be more like voting for war in our country.

“When l recall all that Unity and togetherness of which our late father Prof Bingu Wa Muthalika (Mhsrip) used to preach and advocate through his favourite song of ‘ Tiyende Pamodzi ndi Mtima Umodzi’ so as to move forward and together as one Malawi regardless to our tribal, religious and regional and political affiliation,” said Mangulenje in a letter addressed to DPP governor.

He added: “When l think of all this, l am really filled with a deep sense of tragedy, with a deep sense waste and a deep sense of loss. It gives me a heavy heart that DPP as a party which we all was so proud of it’s unity, tolerance, so famous of being accommodative as a paragon of political organisation is now on the centre of sowing seeds of hatred, instability through those unwelcome discriminatory statements from our trusted leaders like yourself sir.

“Mr Regional Governor sir, wherever our political opponents are prior 2019 Elections must be rejoicing with your divisive utterances of which myself as a true young Liberal democrat believe and shall ever do so that such utterances have no room in our modern politics and world at large. I strongly believe that Malawi is for all regardless to one’s religious affiliation.

“Myself as Muslim born and raised in a family of religious coexistence (A devoted Christian father and a devoted Muslim mother) was taught and brought up to live in coexistence of which is in my life’s political principles. As l also believe that permanent values in social life and thought can not be created by people or leaders who are indifferent or hostile to the aspirations of a nation in which unity, love and tolerance falls under.

“As such, coz of your discriminative statement, it is with deep regret that today on 22nd April, 2018 have profoundly resigned as a Party’s (DPP) District Campaign Director of Mangochi.”

Effort to talk DPP Spokesperson Francis kasaila proved futile.

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