Police in Uganda have arrested a man on allegations that he killed his own sister and thereafter had sex with her corpse.

According to reports, Nakato Elizabeth was murdered on the 6th April 2018 by her own brother who is alleged to have wanted to take over ownership of her three plots of land.

On that fateful day, her brother with two of his friends lied to her that they got her a potential buyer for her plots of land and they picked her to a quite place saying they wanted her to meet the buyer.

According to the police, she was seemingly excited that she would finally find a buyer for her plots of land.

Few miles later, one of the suspects pounced on her and began to strangle her while the brother held the legs to weaken her. After a long scuffle, one of the suspects drew a hammer out of the backpack and hit her five times on her head killing her instantly,” police adds.

One suspect then reportedly told the brother that the only way to cover up the murder was to have sex with the sister’s body on assumption that it would make it hard for the investigators to solve the case.

Reports added that the brother and another suspect took turns by having canal sex with the deceased body and dumped her in a river.

Meanwhile, all 3 suspects are in police custody waiting for trial.


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