Malawians have attacked political prostitute Ken Msonda for interfering with activities of opposition People’s Party (PP) over his recent remarks advising former President Dr. Joyce Banda not to contest in the forthcoming 2019.

Msonda, who joined the Democratic Progressive Party from PP last year, told the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) that PP experienced a lot of challenges when its leader Dr Joyce Banda was in self-imposed exile for four years.

He cited resignation of party top officials and leadership squabbles have affected the party greatly.

Msonda then urged the party to embark on a rebuilding exercise.

The remarks have attracted mixed reactions among Malawians especially those on social media with many attacking Msonda, describing him as a failure.

Raymundo Chifundo Magangani wrote: “Msonda is as stupid as his name sounds in fact it spells as “nsomba” meaning to say fish. Yes! He is a fish over DPP’s hook so what else do you expect from a fish that has been hooked?

“These are kinds of politicians who think they are clever and always at the helm of every ship. They will do anything to make sure their empty chronical stomach are full. If PP will go for your advice then it is trash as you are. How come a failure like Msonda give you tips on how to become successful. Unless its an irony.”

Concurring with Magangani’s remarks Gabriel Ngalande Chunga wrote: “Stupidity is when you dump the party and continue interfering with their business. Msonda must shut up his greedy mouth!”

On his part Bright Kasanga wrote: “Stupid politician I have ever seen in this world. Msonda you that JB will never come back home here she is now and whether you like it or not she is going to contest in the next year’s elections.”

The ruling DPP is currently divided into camps with the other group supporting the vice President Saulos Chilima to be the President while the other is behind President Mutharika.

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