A court in Kenya has sentenced a 24 year-old woman to 15 years imprisonment for being in relationship and indulging in sexual activities with a 15 year old boy.

Ms Wendera (picture-middle)

Ms. Judith Wandera was on Wednesday found guilty of defilement and intentionally performing indecent act on a minor contrary to the Sexual Offences Act of Kenyan laws.

It is reported that the woman had been in relationship with the 15year old minor in which sometimes they would be involved in unprotected sex.

The two were once arrested in July last year and told to get separated from one another but the advise fell on deaf ears.

The mother of the young boy leant about the relationship and raised the age difference issue to the convict but she ignored her.

In court, Wendera said that she could not establish the first day they met that the boy was a minor. She continued telling the court that the boy’s physical appearances could not reveal of his age.

But the principal magistrate Ms. Joan Wambilyanga dismissed her sentiments saying, “There was no evidence the complainant lied about his age and the accused’s defence was disregarded based on her failure to prove what steps she took to establish whether the boy was under age,” said Ms Wambilyanga.

In mitigation, Wendera asked the court to forgive her since she has a son, a brother and her mother who all rely on her.

“I am the only person taking care of them. Please forgive me I will never repeat the offences again, “she pleaded.

But the principal magistrate Wambilyanga ordered that she be jailed for 15 years as a deter to other would be offenders.

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