Police in Chitipa have arrested a group village headman and three others for unlawfully calling a traditional doctor to discover people who were practicing witchcraft in his area.

Chitipa police public relations officer Gladwell Simwaka identified the real name of the village headman Mwambeta 2 of T/A Mwenemisuku in Chitipa as 34-year-old Elisha Msukwa and the other suspects who gave a hand in the dealing as Kebie Kuyokwa 25, Christopher Simwayi 41 and Lufeyo Muyira aged 31.

picture illustrating a witch finder/ witchdoctor

According to the PRO, the four connived to employ a witch finder in the village after the mysterious death of a 10-year-old Tobias Kayuni.

“The results of the findings showed that Kingdom Ndaba 66, Wilness Msukwa 34, Christopher Kabwilo 48, Nickson Msukwa 50, Marston Kuyokwa 41, Tupele Fumbo 38, Lyness Chizumila 34 and Anyelwishe Msukwa of same village in traditional authority Mwenemisuku were practicing witchcraft and were behind the death of the young boy, “said the PRO.

The PRO further said, “On 15th may,2018,the witch finder and his team went to the village and they charged their suspects with witchcraft and ordered them to pay a cow, a goat or money amounting to k118,000.each.”

The news reached to police and law enforcers lunched an investigation which led to the arrest of the village headman and the other suspects.

Police managed to recover seven cattle from the herbalist who is still on the run.

Meanwhile, police have charged the four suspects with an offence of employing a witch finder, charging persons with witchcraft, pretending witchcraft and being present on trial by ordeal.

They will appear in court soon.


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