By Robert Kumwenda

Opposition Umodzi Party (UP) says it will introduce death sentence for people who will be found guilty of stealing public money once voted into government come 2019.

Professor John Chisi who is the UP leader made these remarks at a public rally which he addressed Suturday at Kakoma ground in Chikwawa.

He said time has come for the country to move forward and corrupt people should be given capital punishment if the country is to move out of poverty.

“We must work together because if we work together we can be able to move out of poverty and time has come for us to know what we are doing as human beings,” he said.

Chisi said the country is lavishing poverty because of very few individuals who are stealing public money and are walking freely because they are bribing everyone including the judges.

The UP leader said he need a better Malawi where everyone will be treated equally regardless of what he or she is in the society.

He said factories will be everywhere from 2019 saying that UP was formed to deal with the challenges Malawians are facing.

“We will come up with the idea of educating for all by bringing up schools where people are and we will come up with a vision of educating people in ministries according to their professions,” he said.

Speaking at the same meeting Public Relations Officer for the UP leader Pemphero Mphande said the UP party is the only party that is advocating for job creation.

He urged fellow youth to vote for Professor John Chisi because he wants to promote the youth.

“The youth must be educated and be employed because if they are not they become beggars,” he said.

The UP vision is to bring job opportunities to all Malawians regardless of tribe, political affiliation or education.

Leaders of the party comes from all regions, the vision of the party is to see a better Malawi where its people will be educated and health.

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