An angry mob on Thursday went on rampage destroying Forestry Offices in Mulanje following the death of a charcoal burner inside the forest reserve.

According to information at hand, there was a running battle in the protected area (forest) between Community Volunteers, Forestry Patrolmen and Charcoal burners.

The charcoal burners used stones to chase the patrolmen and one armed patrolman fired in the sky and the stray bullet hits a charcoal burner who died on the spot.

The development angered villagers from Demula village, TA Nkanda in the district who ganged up and carried the body to Forestry Offices.

While there the grouping turned violent and started breaking window pane, windscreen and computers.

The grouping also took advantage of the situation to loot out confiscated forests products.

It took the intervention of the police from Mulanje to calm down the situation by firing teargas to disperse the angry mob.

Meanwhile no one has been arrested in connection with the fracas.

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