By Robert Kumwenda

A young business entrepreneur by the name of Ijah Mishongwe says he had no interest in politics but now he has decided to join opposition Umodzi Party (UP).

He said this decision has come after attending a youth meeting which the party organized a couple of weeks ago.

“I had to interest to take part in politics because I see no change in my life whether l vote for the parties which have ruled this country since the coming in of multiparty democracy in Malawi. But when l listened to what the UP leader Professor John Chisi was saying on how he wants to move out this country from poverty l was impressed and l decided to follow him,” he said.

Mishongwe who runs a barber shop in Machinjiri said he was working before at tyre bank in Limbe but he was getting was not enough to feed his family for the whole month that is the reason why he decided to do something else.

“We are facing numerous challenges of employment and education in this country the UP leader wants to address that when he come into government in 2019.

“I have a brother in South Africa and he wanted me follow him there but l decided to remain here because l love my country and the problems we are facing here are also there,” he said.

Mishogwe said though he did got get far with education but he see he was so many relatives who are just staying because of lacking jobs and the UP leader wants to address that and is also promoting the youth.

“I have no interest in the politicians we have in this country because there are the same, there way of doing things are the same as the UP leader is politician who has inspired me because he has the welfare of the people at heart and he works with everyone whether rich or poor,” he said.

Mishongwe said he will encourage fellow youth to join UP because he is the only person that can develop this country looking at the experience he has both as a doctor and a politician he has.

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