Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA Malawi) Chairperson Teresa Temweka Ndanga has strongly condemned the brutal attacks of two reporters from Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) by the police while on duty in Mzuzu.

This morning close to 30 armed police officers descended on two Zodiak reporters namely; Musase Cheyo and Towera Kumwenda as they were taking pictures of the violent scenes between the law enforcers and vendors.

Cheyo and Towera at Mzuzu Health Centre

According to information at hand, Mzuzu City Council hired armed police officers to chase out vendors who were plying trade in authorized places in the city.

The police officers used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the angry vendors who were pelting stones at the law enforces. The commotion attracted the attention of the two reporters who rushed to the scene and started taking photos.

Cheyo be treated at the hospital

This did not please the law enforces who resorted in beating up the two helpless reporters while on duty.

Speaking in an interview after the incident Ndanga expressed shock over the barbaric acts by the law enforces.

“Honestly speaking this is shocking news to me. How can 30 police officers descend on two helpless Journalists? If they were on the wrong why not confronting them peacefully or report the two to relevant authorities such as MISA Malawi and other media bodies? This really shows that we Journalists are not safe in this country,” said Ndanda.

Ndanga has since hinted that MISA Malawi will institute investigate the attack.

Effort to talk to police officials proved futile.

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