Ugandan socialite Don Zella has explained the circumstances under which she was photographed on top of a naked man.

Pictures of her half naked body seated on a naked body of a man in what appeared like she was riding a horse have been doing rounds on Uganda social media.

Several social media users took a swipe at the socialite accusing her of hypocrisy given the fact that she is organizing another one of her Girl Power Red Parties to be held soon.

“And you want to inspire young women with gal Power. God have mercy on our nation. Choose who inspires you my dear young women. Otherwise this mentality of I’m living my life killing our nation. No wonder men no longer respect us. They think all women are the same,” wrote one of the social media users.

However, in her defence, the social media queen bashed her critics saying she’s a massage therapist and the pictures were of her trying to satisfy one of her clients.

“Stop being bitter about ma pictures. I’m a massage therapist; that’s my job. But have seen many insults on all social media platforms insulting GAL POWER. Am trying to satisfy my customers. You can book also for these services on + 178……. as long as u meet the payments. Let’s style up. At the end of the day, I get paid in whatever means. Now am sleeping with a man. If it were a dog or goat what would you have said ,” she said before adding that she’s in the US.

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