Bayete Natural Nutri-threpay applauds government on Natural herbal policy

By Orchestra Kamanga

The producer and distributor of Bayete cough syrup, herbal superbly, Bayete dental formula and Bayete dental econoplus, Natural Nutri-threpay has commended the government for their policy of not hindering them to produce and distribute the products.

The founder and Managing Director of the company which is opposite MTL offices in Red Cross House in Blantyre, Elder Babangoni Chisale thanked the government for how they run their business of handling people who are running natural herbal business in the country.

“I have to applaud the government for not stopping us from operating such business. If the government will not block our programmes as there are currently our plans and vision is to build big hospital in the country which will carter the whole world.

He said the company which is the Centre for Natural remedies and palliative acre provides services which include interpretation of Brain Diagnosis Display (BDD), treatment of cough, flue, asthma, pneumonia, Hypertation, Stroke, ulcers, hepatitis, cancer cells importance infertility , Epilepsy, eyesight just to mention but a few.

The company sells Bayete cough syrup herbal superbly of 100ml at K1, 000 to K6000 according to the size, Bayete dental Formula 200 ml at K3, 500 and Bayete Formula econoplus at K1, 000 each.

The company has branches in Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Ntchalo with the headquarters in Blantyre and have plans to be everywhere in the country by 2020.


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