People of Tchaire village under Traditional Authority Msakambewa in Dowa are living in fear after a young man named as Gift Yeremiya, who died of anemia on Sunday ‘reappeared’ to his relations and again ‘disappeared’ into the graveyard several times.

According to Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), on Friday last week the dead Yeremiya rose and appeared to some boys who were coming from a maize field where they had gone to harvest maize.

The local radio station said the boys were alarmed to see Yeremiya under a guava tree eating the fruits.

“We shouted upon seeing him and almost all the people in the village tried to catch him but in vain. He disappeared into the graveyard,” said one of the boys who claimed to have seen Gift.

Village head Tchaire feels Yeremiya was bewitched and warns that anyone behind the bizarre death will face the consequences.

Gift’s brother, Stanford Yeremiya, also feels something fishy happened to his brother.

“I was alarmed when my brother who died the previous day knocked on my door calling out my name, when I woke up I shouted and he instantly disappeared; people could not believe what I saw. Surely, something fishy has happened to my brother,” Stanford claimed.

The laws of Malawi do not recognize the existence of witchcraft but people generally believe it exists.

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