Christians of Evangelical Church of Malawi (ECOM) have been    told to follow the scripture in all areas of life inorder to fulfill God’s Will. The call was made on Sunday at Likhubula Evangelical Church prayer house that hosted a new church building fundraising event.

In his teaching from the books of Hagai chapter one and 2 Corinthians chapters 8 and 9, Jeremiah Kanzota  an elder of Michiru CCAP said Christians are required to live in the Word of God daily to easily access into heaven and live a break through life.

Kanzota who was Guest of Honor said that building of a church is a project every Christian must cerebrate with by making a generous giving.

He gave an example of a scripture from the book of Hagai where Lord told Prophet Hagai to speak His message to the governor of Judah and to the high priest that “you say this isn’t the right time to build a temple for me. But is it right for you to live in expensive houses, while my temple is a pile of ruins”? Hagai 1 verse 5 quotes.

He emphasized that though many Jews had returned to Judah from the exile in Babylonia, the leaders were fairly well off but most of the people were struggling just to survive. The lord told Hagai that the reason the people had to struggle was because the temple still had not been rebuilt.

Their lack of respect for the Lord’s temple showed that they did not respect the Lord Himself and so he refused to bless them.

Kanzota assured the congregation that each time someone is making  generous giving towards church development is doing self-prosperity deposit. He encouraged members to willingly contribute to church development and live in the Word.

The event  that was a strategy of Evangelical Church of Malawi’s  Blantyre Region raised the sum of K1,600,000.00 and 10 bags of cement which is worthy to the beginning of new Likhubula church building.

Likhubula Evangelical Church was built many years ago and now members want to build a modern church. Likhubula was the first place the Nyasa Mission today known as Evangelical Church of Malawi had its Synod. Currently the Synod is moved to Ntambanyama in Thyolo district.


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