Why do you think rich men like marrying rich women like them and avoid the poorer women? Here are some possible reasons.


The truth first of all, is that the daily activities of these two classes of people rarely meet. The typical rich man has his routine, and the typical poor woman has theirs.

Very rarely do their paths cross, so it’s almost impossible for them to meet each other.

For example, the rich use a different hair salon, bar, and perhaps, transportation means from the poor. This means they almost just can’t meet, and if they can’t, they can’t be together.


Most rich people may not be proud or arrogant by default, but their parents make them look in the direction of money when they want to get married.

The reasons for this may be because they want to build some business relationship via marriage, or they just don’t want to go beneath the class they’re used to.


A lot of poor women have the mentality that dating is a money-spinning avenue. They believe that once you’re with a man, you have no reason to work or hustle anymore, and all you need to do is live off the man.

A lot of men are becoming aware of this, and they’re shying away the more from poor women because they don’t want to end up with a broken heart, and an empty bank account.


Contrary to what many guys believe, rich ladies are easy to please unlike the broke ladies. A rich lady may gush over a rose flower you got for her, but a broke lady will never do that but will only be pleased when you buy her expensive clothe or gadget, and this mentality of broke ladies unknowingly to them, distracts rich guys.

A rich guy out of love may feel getting his broke girlfriend a rose flower or something like that as birthday present, and to his greatest surprise, the lady was expecting the latest iPhone or even a car which she may unknowingly show, and end up making the guy cancel her from his top list of would be.


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