By Robert Kumwenda

Opposition Umodzi Party leader (UP) Professor John Chisi has blamed the conduct of some opposition leaders who just blame government where is failing instead of providing solutions to the problems.

He said the role of the opposition is not just only opposing anything but correcting government where it is going wrong.

“We should emulate examples of mature democracies like that of United States of America (USA) and Britain where when elections are over they forget about everything and work together,” he said.

The UP leader said some opposition leaders are sidelined him for attending government events because they do not differentiate between party and national events.

Chisi said they already excluded him and this does not worry him because some opposition leaders are using anger to criticize government but they do not have a clear agenda on what they give Malawians if voted into power.

“I will not be part of them and l can never be part of them because some of them are briefcase parties who do not have structures on the ground,” he said.

This is not strange especially in Africa where when others loses elections they fail to concede defeat a thing that makes it difficult for most opposition parties to have a cordial working relationship with the ruling parties.

Recently, sixteen opposition parties held a meeting in Blantyre with an intention of making a coalition towards 2019 elections surprisingly the UP leader was not invited to the meeting.

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