Democracy begins with everyone when one realizes that there is need for change.

The term democracy has his origin from Greek language, meaning the rule by the people.

In 1994 Malawians choose democracy because they were tired with the dictatorial rule of the Malawi Congress party (MCP). They wanted to see change, freedom of doing whatever they want without fear and more over they wanted to choose leaders of their choice.

Twenty five years down the line since Malawians choose democracy little has changed among many Malawians who had hope with the coming in of democracy.

But Malawians has a sign of relief as change has to come by all means as the opposition Umodzi Party (UP) is the solution for Malawi.

While many Malawians are finding it difficult to get their daily needs UP leader Professor John Chisi says what Malawians have gone through should bear progressive anger to bring change come 2019.

He said people that were elected in various positions they should know that they are the servants of the people and they an obligation to fulfill the promises they made during campaign.

“Our worshiping of elected leaders has provided room to oppression and abuse of public resources. This should be a wakeup call for Malawians for Malawians to bring change for a new Malawi where everything will be a thing a song be song of the past,” he said.

Chisi said what gives them confidence that they will win are the majority of well-meaning abiding citizens who remain miserable and are crying day in and out for change.

Past experiences should bear progressive anger for change in every Malawians who feels pain as the country draw closer to elections.

“Malawians must accept that they have celebrated mediocrity and vilified true patriotism for decades. This is not time to look back but move forward to a changed Malawi for the new generations to come,” he said.

The UP leader said Malawians who have realized that political parties that have ruled this country from independence to democracy have failed them will go exercise their democratic right to bring change on 20 May, 2019 and that change is in UP.

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