The opposition Umodzi Party (UP) is becoming a force to reckon with as the country prepares for 2019 tripartite elections Innocent Mphaya who is Secretary General of the party has said.

He said the party’s structures are getting strong all over the country and more people are joining the party on daily basis.

The UP SG said all this is happening because people are convinced the party’s policies and the visionary leadership of Professor John Chisi.

“We are optimistic that we will do better because of the overwhelming support that people are giving us wherever we are going and this is also because the leadership has the welfare of the people at heart and this has been demonstrated in number of charitable activities and projects across Malawi,” he said.

Mphaya said there are many people who want to stand on the party’s ticket as Members of Parliament (MPs) and ward councilors something which clearly shows that they see future in the party.

He however declined to give specific number of the people because the number is keeping on increasing on daily basis.

“Malawians wants to see change because they have suffered for so long and they see that that change is in UP under the leadership of Professor John Chisi,” he said.

The UP SG further said Malawians have all the reasons to vote for the party and its leader because he grew up here, he understands the problems that people face in the village and he a God fearing and well educated man.





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